Facial Cleanser & Mask 100ml

Facial Cleanser & Mask 100ml

    A creative cleanser & anti-aging face mask

    To hydrate, tighten & repair skin


    Apothocary glass 100ml


    £27.00 tax incl.

    Bee Young - Facial Cleanser & Mask 100ml by Bee Potion


    As a daily cleanser massage with upward motions on face & neck. Remove with warm water. As a tightening mask leave on for 20 or 30 minutes. Keep away from eyes.


    Bee Potion tonic can also be used to sooth burns and abrasions. It is also super for calming sunburnt skin. 

    Potion Mix

    Honey has amazingly potent anti-ageing properties and is packed full of anti-oxidnats. It is a natural humacant (which means it locks moisture into the skin) as well as being anti-microbial.


    We use dark African Forest Honey (from Zimbabwe - a fair trade collective) as it contains the most concentrated amount of skin-boosting minerals of all honey. 


    Organic sea algae with anti-oxidants helps repair skin elasticity & aloe vera refreshes and hydrates. This cleanser is a real skin-booster!

    Bee Wisdom

    When the bees forage for nectar they bring it back to their hives in honey sacks (in front of their stomachs). They transfer it to house bees (now mixed with other good enzymes), who evaporate the water from the nectar by fanning their wings. This then turns the nectar into honey.


    Ancient civilisations have used honey in their customs, rituals and beauty regimes for thousands of years & referred to it as 'golden nectar'; a gift from the gods.  


    Bee Cleansed:  be kind to your skin in the knowledge that honey is a natural gift. 

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